The doctors who have completed super-speciality courses in the UK can register in India now. Bringing a huge relief to a large number of doctors who have completed super-speciality courses in the UK, the MCI-BoG has decided to approve their certificate of completion of training (CCT) for registration in the country.
India hadn’t granted recognition for CCT holders till a few months ago, hence they weren’t considered super-specialists. CCT is a post-PG specialisation that makes doctors in the UK eligible to work as consultants and general practitioners there. The secretary general of MCI-BoG, Dr R.K Vats said that the approval to recognise CCT was given in an April meeting of the governing body.
A doctor trained in the UK and Canada, Dr Murali Krishna Bhagavatula from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, who has been pushing for recognition in India for the last two years described the MCI-BOG decision as “huge”. “It will have big implications for hundreds of doctors willing to come back to India to work,” added Dr Murali. He has also written to the Prime Minister on the issue.
However, the MCI-BOG decision in April is yet to pass to the State Medical Councils. Hence, many doctors across India are still being denied registration as super specialists. Though Dr Vats said that there was some delay in issuing a circular in this regard, he assured it would be done very soon.
CCT approval is significant in a country like India where the shortage of specialist doctors is close to 80 per cent.

Source: The New Indian Express