Women’s rights and education have always been a constant topic of debate. During British rule, the Indian women were supposed to hide behind their veils. Education and career was a distant dream for the helpless women of that time. But, this woman’s story doesn’t portray the oppression of women of that time. This is a […]

After a long wait, the cabinet has approved the National Medical Commission Bill 2019(NMC). The bill aims at overhauling the systems in medical education in India and replace the Medical Council of India with a National Medical Commission. The Bill will reduce the cost of private medical education, ease the burden of entrance exams on […]

The Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR) has launched a vaccine trial to prevent TB for the first time since the BCG vaccine trial. The clinical trial aims at preventing and decreasing the burden of TB in the country. Every year, nearly three lakh people are reported to contract TB. The trial will enrol more than […]

On the light of the continuing assault against doctors, the Indian Medical Association has made an appeal to the union government for early enactment of a law to control the attacks against the doctors with a provision of stringent action against attackers. The government had recently formed an inter-ministerial committee to frame central legislation covering […]

A new study suggests that a strain of the common cold virus can infect and kill bladder cancer cells. The research study was published in the ‘Clinical Cancer Research’ medical journal. Researchers from the University of Surrey and Royal Surrey County Hospital investigated the safety and tolerability of exposure to the oncolytic (‘cancer-killing’) virus coxsackievirus […]

The Union Health Ministry is working on incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a safe and effective way in public health. “To address gaps in India’s AI ecosystem and realise its economic impact, the central government has prioritised building AI technology capabilities”, said the Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan. “The potential of AI in public […]

After capping the price of stents and knee implants, the government is now planning to further regulate the medical devices industry in the next five years. The government is now working on a proposal to formulate a pricing policy for over 6,000 medical devices like pacemakers, hearing aids, glucometers, and blood pressure instruments. The proposal […]

Acknowledging the importance of research in learning, the Medical Council of India Board of Governors (MCI-BoG) has introduced a compulsory online course in basic research methods for all postgraduate students in the country and the faculties without prior research training. The course will be mandatory for the medical PG students being admitted from the academic […]

Most of the people use supplements and vitamins to protect their health. But a new study suggests that supplements and dietary interventions provide little to no protection against cardiovascular disease or death. The study, published in the “Annals of Internal Medicine” reviewed data from hundreds of clinical trials which involved nearly a million people. The […]

The World Health Organisation(WHO) has updated the list of global guidance on medicines and diagnostic tests. The updated list will help countries prioritize critical health products that should be widely available and affordable throughout health systems. The two updated lists focus on cancer and other global health challenges, with an emphasis on effective solutions, smart […]