The inmates of the Yerawada jail in Pune soon won’t have to go to the Sassoon General Hospital for their check-up. The doctors of the hospital would treat them through a telemedicine facility that will soon be launched, as per Dr Ajay Chandanwale, the Dean of B J Medical College and Sassoon General Hospital. Through […]

The National Library of Medicine in the US has been around for 175 years now. The largest medical library of the world, they have some really astounding pictures from medicine’s history. Check out the following, for instance. Atlas of topographic anatomy, 1911 The body part has been scientifically mummified before sawing it into slices so […]

Dr Praveen Siddharth joined the hospital just two months back. But he’s already called as someone who has performed a “miracle.” The reason was a 14 year old unidentified boy who was brought to the Sadar Hospital in Jharkhand over the weekend. The boy had near-zero pulse rate and grave external injuries. Dr. Siddharth, along […]

After helping the world’s heaviest woman, Eman Ahmed from Egypt to cut down her weight of almost 500 kg by half in two months, Dr Muffazal Lakdawala plans to help three siblings-children who appear to have a genetic mutation like Eman, that’s making them morbidly obese. The kids are from a Gujarat village. Yogita Nandwana, […]

The National Exit Test(NEXT) by which the status of a “doctor” is achieved is favoured by 12 states and four union territories in India. This information was revealed by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as a response to a Right to Information(RTI) query. The states which have expressed support to make NEXT […]

The Indian Medical Association has decided to move court, questioning the “validity” of the Clinical Establishments(Registration, Regulation and Transparency) Act, 2017 that has been introduced recently by the West Bengal government. Also, the IMA will protest “politically” and will observe a “National IMA Black Day” on April 27. This will be to protest the Act […]

Cash incentives are apparently not enough to make mothers-to-be to use government maternal healthcare facilities. Scientists have found that less than 50% of eligible women actually take advantage of the Janani Suraksha Yojana(JSY). The reason?- poor infrastructure in the hospitals. A global team of researchers has found that the money provided under the scheme is […]

After Odisha and Kerala instituting bonds for PG medicos, Bihar is the latest state to join the fray. It’s been decided that the medical students who pursue PG courses in government colleges must pay Rs 15 lakh if they quit midway through the course. Those who earn the PG degree must also serve a minimum […]

Countries in South Asia including India are “vulnerable” to infectious ailments like Ebola and Zika, says a new analysis. The preparedness levels of these countries to protect public health isn’t enough either, it says. An uneven health system capacity and inadequate surveillance could speed up the spread of such diseases in regions that are already […]

Charlotte Ellaby reached Bombay in November 1884. She came down to the subcontinent from England to work as a Junior Medical Officer. She came to join Edith Pechey- one of the first women doctors in Britain. Pechey led a campaign to finance the medical education of the Indian, Rakhmabai. Rakhmabai went on to become the […]