As the coronavirus cases are rising in Italy, anesthesiologists and doctors are finding it tough to make a call about who to treat first.  According to Politico media, doctors are prioritizing the young, and otherwise healthy right now, since they have the greatest chance of survival. “It is a fact that we will have to choose whom […]

HIV cure

In a breakthrough, a study published in The Lancet HIV journal reveals that a London man has become the second person in the world to be cured of HIV.  “The man is still free of the virus even 30 months after stopping the antiretroviral therapy,” reports the journal. According to the report, the man, identified as Adam […]


India has moved further in the battle against coronavirus by using the Lopinavir/ Ritonavir combination, usually a second line HIV medication for the first time in the treatment of two Italian patients who tested positive for Coronavirus in Jaipur. According to the officials, due consent of the patients was sought before using the drug. The […]


As the number of coronavirus cases in India is on a spike, the government has imposed further visa restrictions on passengers travelling from or having visited Italy and South Korea. According to the Union Health Ministry, those who visited the places mentioned need to carry a medical certificate saying they tested negative for COVID-19 from […]

coronavirus 2019

The scientists around the world are in a constant effort of finding the exact reason for the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak which has created panic at the global level. Now, a new study by the Chinese Researchers revealed that two separate types of the novel coronavirus — one more aggressive than the other — could be […]

What Next? If you develop any of the symptoms1. Do. NOT. Panic2. Observe the symptoms ( as every runny nose and fever isn’t coronavirus disease)3. Seek medical advice as soon as possible4. Inform the people who you have come in contact with and workplace manager5. Inform your doctor/physician about your recent travel history6. Avoid travelling […]

coronavirus scare

While the coronavirus cases are wreaking havoc around the world, India’s shield was pretty tough for the corona to break, it seems. But now, the situation has changed. Two schools in Noida has been shut down after a parent was detected positive for CoVid-19. The health ministry has reported two new cases of coronavirus in […]

coronavirus India

As India was trying to completely contain the deadly coronavirus from the country, the virus doesn’t seem to leave the place. According to a Press Release by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, two more positive cases of the novel Coronavirus are reported in Delhi and Telangana. Both the patients are stable and are […]

Rare Disease Day

Rare disease Day is observed by people all around the world on the last day of February. This year’s Rare Disease Day is indeed more ‘rare’. Guess why? This year is a leap year and as we all know, it comes once in four years which makes the year and ‘Rare Disease Day’ extra ‘rare’. […]

Apple, Johnson and Johnson

Apple teams up with Johnson and Johnson for a new study called ‘Heartline’, designed to assess whether Apple Watch’s ECG and irregular rhythm notification can reduce the likelihood of stroke and improve health outcomes with earlier detection atrial fibrillation(AFib). Though AFib is the leading cause of stroke, Johnson and Johnson said that it could be […]