A reflection of your journey as a doctor during the tough times

More than a year and a half into the Covid-19 pandemic, we are still working to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The journey so far has been tough and the road to this point hasn’t been easy- and no one knows that better than doctors!

It is at this juncture that India celebrates National Doctor’s Day. The day commemorates the iconic and internationally renowned medical practitioner, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. There can be no better time to remember the doctor whose story is that of hard work, grit, talent, determination, and unmatched dedication for his profession. On this wonderful occasion, let’s take a moment to recall our journey so far.

When COVID-19 first swept across the nation at the beginning of 2020, most of the people stayed back in order to stay safe while doctors took to the front lines. You might have worked long, taxing hours in order to treat the influx of patients. Oftentimes, you would have served as emotional support, comforting patients who couldn’t be with their families in their final hours.

Even when so much was unknown about the virus, doctors put themselves and their families at risk every day to come to work and treat patients in need. Many caught COVID-19 themselves, as they worked through crowded hospitals overwhelmed with patients and you might well be one among them.

The country has so far lost more than 798 doctors during the second wave of Covid-19 alone. You might have also witnessed your colleagues and dear ones succumbing to the disease, but it didn’t stop you an inch from doing your duty in the hour of crisis.

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Apart from all this, challenges in the form of shortage of PPE, medical equipment, and manpower have been following healthcare professionals ever since the beginning of the pandemic. While doctors are rendering exemplary service beyond their call of duty, attacks continue to rise on them with each passing day. Several incidents of doctors being brutally attacked have also come to light recently.

We know that it has been a long hard run for you in the last couple of years. You might have worked overtime in extra shifts, you might have come across pay cuts and delayed salaries, you might have suffered evictions from apartments, and much more. Apart from everything we discussed above, there could be a whole lot of personal and professional problems that came your way during this period of time. Still, you didn’t give up!

Often, the general public draws an analogy between doctors and superheroes. While this symbolism might sound relevant, it often makes them forget that doctors don’t have any magical or superhero powers to cure diseases. They forget that doctors too have emotions, feelings, and a family. It’s high time for people to recognise that doctors are normal human beings, who have over the years developed an extra skill set based on already tried-and-tested practices and not someone with superhero powers.

At first, we planned to conclude this with a note of gratitude but we thought better of it. Ever since the arrival of the pandemic, several hashtags have popped up hailing and showing gratitude to doctors for all their altruistic deeds. But, we strongly believe that your efforts during these difficult times are of inestimable worth, no hashtags, words or praises can acknowledge its profundity. Yes, your worth is beyond #hashtags!

Happy Doctor’s Day!

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