We conducted a survey among doctors from across the country via the DailyRounds platform. And yes, we have some interesting findings! This data clearly illustrates the impact of the pandemic on doctors. Let’s look into it in detail.

More than a year and a half into the Covid-19 pandemic, we are still working to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The journey so far has been tough and the road to this point hasn’t been easy- and no one knows that better than doctors!

Irrespective of boundaries, the entire world is now looking up to the doctors. In the midst of the pandemic, their deeds can change the course of history. The very existence of mankind will be determined by their actions. Maybe one day, COVID-19 will be an afterthought. But long after that, this trauma will define a generation of doctors and healthcare workers.

Every year on July 1st, India pays its tribute to the doctors across the country for their selfless care and service. It is said that “The presence of the doctor is the beginning of the cure.” No other person can provide the ill with an assurance of hope other than a doctor. From a simple […]

The Indian doctor is a tired person. Faced with the task of looking after patients while his/her own self is crushed with stress – due to work overload and more. Yet, s/he still manages to do great things. Things that make for excellent reasons to respect him. Particularly true on this National Doctor’s Day. 1. Despite […]