CEO and directors of Snapdeal had an FIR filed against them by Maharashtra’s drug regulators. The Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accused Snapdeal of selling prescription drugs online without mandated prescription and is taking action against them.

Accusations against Snapdeal

  • The FDA Maharashtra, found that it was possible to buy emergency contraceptives without doctor’s prescription on Snapdeal.
  • They found that 45 of the displayed drugs were with objectionable claims which breached the provisions of the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954.
  • On April 16, after Jasper Infotech was raided, notice was sent to Snapdeal to stop the sale of such drugs online. Despite snapdeal promising to delist the drugs, FDA officer ordered the drugs on April 22nd and received his order on the 24th.

These events lead the FDA to file an FIR against the CEO, directors and distributors of the drugs, on May 1st. The FDA is now investigating other online marketplaces like Flipkart and Amazon, too. In response to the remark of contraceptive pills being sold over the counter even by chemists, the FDA commissioner pointed out that his agency has raided 15 shops in Mumbai and started the process of cancelling their license.

Statement by Snapdeal

“Though we invest significantly in educating sellers on engaging in fair and safe sales on the platform and consequences of selling inappropriate products, at times sellers end up listing such products”

The company says that it cannot be held responsible for what a merchant sells as there are over 1 lakh merchants and it is not possible for them to keep track of every item listed on the site. It further emphasizes that precautions are taken and sellers are educated on the rules and consequences of breaking them.

Snapdeal affirms that they are assisting the FDA in their investigation and will continue to do so. They confirm that they have delisted the products, stopped all payments and have provided the FDA with all information asked for.


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