International Thalassaemia Day 2019 – Get inspired, get involved!

This year’s theme is “Universal access to quality thalassaemia healthcare services: Building bridges with and for patients”

The International Thalassaemia Day, celebrated annually on the 8th of May, is a commemoration day in honour of all patients with thalassaemia and their parents who have never lost hope for life, despite the burden of their disease, and to all scientists who, with tireless dedication and enduring efforts, are striving to ensure an improved quality of life to people with thalassaemia across the world.

• To raise awareness about the disease, its symptoms and ways to live with it.
• If the person is suffering from thalassaemia and before his or her marriage it is important to consult a doctor.
• To raise awareness about the importance of vaccination for children’s health, society and the whole world.
• Redress misconceptions about vaccinations.

As every year, TIF organizes 3 online competitions (a video challenge, a photography contest, and a story challenge), inviting the global thalassaemia community to submit videos, stories and photographs (or collages), with regard to a certain theme. You can visit the official website of TIF to enroll or participate in these competitions, link as follows:

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