Image: ANI

Rural Healthcare is still struggling to provide all the facilities at its best to the people. Shortage of staff, medical equipment, medicines are few among the many problems which rural India still finds it hard to meet. But the doctors in the hospital of Odisha’s Mayurbhanj demands something basic. Electricity. These doctors in Odisha demands at least for a flawless power supply and enough staff members.
The doctors were left with no other option but to treat the patients using candles and flashlights by risking the lives of many. The situation has arisen due to the acute power crisis in that area.
Doctors here continuously deal with power cuts, lack of staff, voltage variations and lack of generator backup. Dr Dakhina Ranjan Tudu, of Pandit Raghunath Murmu Medical College and Hospital, told ANI, ” I see 180-200 patients daily. There is an acute power crisis here. When the patients come, I have to see them, with or without electricity. Even if there is electricity, the available machines cannot be used as the voltage is very low. The types of machinery are getting damaged as they are hard to put to use.”
But the concerned authorities are turning their face to the requests regarding the impoverished state of the hospital. Despite all these hardships, the hospital still continues its functioning without a transformer.
The hospital is visited by around 200 patients daily. Doctors are now more concerned about the increase in cases of medical negligence due to unavailability of light.


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