Even though the Epidemic Disease (Amendment) ordinance provides welcome relief amid the attacks, the amendments to the 123-year-old act cannot be portrayed as a savior of healthcare professionals in the long run.

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The Indian Medical Association has issued a strong statement condemning the violence on doctors and nurses who rushed to treat injured students in the Jawaharlal Nehru University(JNU). It is for the third time that the IMA is issuing such a statement regarding the violence against the doctors. “How does it reflect on the nation, if […]

The ministries of home affairs and law and justice have asked the health ministry to revisit some of the provisions in draft legislation that seeks to check violence against medical professionals citing certain ambiguities and loopholes. During an inter-ministerial consultation, the ministry observed that while as a general rule, a non-bailable offence carries a term […]

To become a doctor is a dream of many. But one can feel the real struggle when they jump to the environment of the medical college. It can take a toll on the mental health of the students. Considering the back-to-back incidences of medical students’ suicides and violence against resident doctors, Indian Medical Association(IMA), in […]

A new rule proposed by the Board of Governors(BoG), the Medical Council of India directs all the postgraduate medical students to serve in district hospitals for at least three months to be eligible to appear in the final exam. The BoG has written to the Health Ministry to develop guidelines for implementation of the proposal […]

The doctors at Delhi AIIMS Trauma Centre has found an unusual complication on a patient recently. The 37-year-old patient with a broken hip who had undergone multiple surgeries has suffered serious damage to the heart muscles. The doctors say this was due to the increased toxicity after the use of a cobalt-chromium implant in revision […]

“Doctors can guarantee the best treatment, but doctors cannot guarantee 100% results.” The above statement has been taken from a petition filed to the Prime minister on the wake of a recent attack faced by a doctor of NRS Medical College, Kolkata. This is not for the first time that the doctors in India are […]

The Health Ministry has proposed to convert 75 district hospitals into medical colleges in the third phase of a scheme which aims at boosting the availability of the human resource for the health sector. The proposal is a part of the Centre-sponsored program Human Resources for Health and Medical Education, which was launched for the […]

Doctors are often considered as lifesavers! While their long run to save lives keep them locked in the OP’s and OPD’s, several young physicians are going beyond their duty. They also find time to spend in labs to create gadgets that could make the patients’ lives easier. Ranging from a stethoscope to the pacemaker, some […]

As technology advances, it has become a trend that the doctors and the patients in India also switch to the online mode of consultations. The emergence of such online consultation websites and mobile apps has yet again raised questions about the ethics of practice. The Karnataka Medical Council has recently warned doctors who provide treatment […]