Dr. Virendra Shandaliya is someone who is probably not as celebrated in the mainstream media as he should be. For this Vadodara based doctor runs a rehabilitation center for disabled persons where he not just provides care, but also makes sure that they become capable enough to earn a livelihood.

What happened to Rajendra Vaghela is a case in point. Vaghela, a 29 year old was travelling in a train when he slipped on the Godhra station-an accident which cost him both his limbs. He was on the train, on the way to immerse his parents’ ashes in Panchmahal, his native village.

The prosthetic limbs which enabled Vaghela to walk again was provided by Dr.Shandilya for free. For the doctor, doing such things isn’t out of the ordinary. Frequently helping those from financially weak backgrounds so they could live a dignified life is part of his practice.

To gain treatment from the doctor’s institution, succinctly named ‘Rehabs’ patients from all corners of the country come to the centre. Those afflicted by physical deformities-whether they be infants, adolescents or senior citizens, they all seek cure from the doctor.

Dr.Shandaliya did his masters in Orthopaedics and prosthetics from the United States and is a visiting faculty with different educational institutions in the district.

His passion for not just treating but helping people in need comes across in the case of Kyati Patel. Khyati lost her limb when she met with a car accident while a student- pursuing a degree in commerce. Even though she wanted to become CA, the accident dampened her spirit. However, thanks to the intervention of Dr. Shandilya, she is now a chartered accountant. She is settled in Australia.

The doctor not only treated her for free but financially supported her for pursuing the chartered accountancy course as well.

Dr. Shandaliya speaks about his distinct approach to treatment in an interview he gave to the newspaper, The Times of India. He says that his aim is to motivate the patients. For a person who abruptly loses a body part, it’s a shock. He adds that he asks his prosthetics patients who are back to normal life to start with exercises and experience a rise in their confidence levels.

Dr.Shandilya has been running Rehabs for 13 years now. The 52 year old has recently started a centre in Kutch as well.

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