‘One Country One Registration’: MCI to give Unique Permanent Registration Number (UPRN) to all doctors across the country

Medical Council of India (MCI) has initiated the process of implementing E-governance through Digital Mission Mode Project (DMMP). MCI has announced an ambitious project, wherein Unique Permanent Registration Number (UPRN) is going to be generated for doctor across the country, for an estimated 10 lakh practitioners in India.

Doctors will be able to apply online for additional qualification registration in IMR like PG, super specialisation, etc. Doctors shall use the system to make online applications for services like issue of certificates, etc.

The implementation of this digital system would help sort out the current problems MCI is facing with regards to duplication and multiplication entries across various states. It would also help tackle the issue of increasing numbers of fake medical professionals and help tracking the movement of medical practitioners. The UID number will also come handy in updation of records as a doctor progresses through her/his career

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