According to a State health official, at least 213 HIV-infected women gave birth to healthy babies in govt-run hospitals in Chhattisgarh in 2016-17. “The health department is committed to secure the child from infection in the womb of a HIV-positive mother,”said the state’s health services director, R. Prassanna to PTI. He said that the multi-medicine […]

The world applauds Indian doctors yet again as doctors at a hospital in Noida successfully performed a difficult bone marrow transplant on an eight month old baby. The baby was suffering from severe combined immunodeficiency- a rare genetic disease. The surgery saved his life. Mujib- the baby- is from Afghanistan. Two of his elder brothers […]

Delamanid is one of the two new drugs for TB treatment. The choices for treating multi-drug resistant as well as extensively drug resistant TB is shrinking. In this context, Delamanid is a welcome addition. However, it’s highly unlikely that the drug would get authorization for marketing. The manufactures has submitted the application with the DCGI, […]

A study reveals that medical students and trainee doctors make up over half of all the injuries made by pricks from infected needles in hospitals. Aside from being overworked, these doctors and students don’t get vaccinated against diseases which could be transmitted through infected blood. The dangers of such injuries and the health risk that […]

According to WHO’s Global Burden of Disease study, every fifth person likely suffers from some type of pain. However, medical sector comes under criticism for failure to treating pain seriously. By some estimates, chronic pain-defined as pain which lasts for over three months affects some 10% of the global population. Due to lack of reliable […]

The ever-increasing cases of violence against doctors by relatives or attendants of patients has finally prompted the government to mull over drafting a central law which will ensure the protection of the caregivers. More than 75% of doctors in India are reported to have faced violence in one form or the other as per as […]

The five and a half year long medical course is no longer enough for a student to become a doctor. For the Union health ministry has unveiled the draft Indian Medical Council(Amendment) Bill 2016 by which they should also have to pass the National Exit Test(NEXT). The Bill also aims to bring in combined counselling […]

The year 2016 has seen its fair share of developments in the medical field in India. Some of these were rather unexpected while others were long in the pipeline. Here is a look at some of the key developments that would affect medicos in India. National Medical Commission Bill MCI has come under fire for […]

Upendranath Brahmachari was one of the most legendary medical practitioners that India has ever known. Sadly enough, his name is not familiar to most in this day and age. He was brought up in a family that already had a medical practitioner-his father who was a physician with the East Indian Railways. Upendranath-who was was […]

Claims of medical negligence are being made without justification across the nation. In this context, a recent ruling that an unsuccessful surgery is not negligence comes as a huge relief to doctors. It’s worth looking at the case that prompted such a ruling. Case Satender Kumar fractured his right leg from a fall at home […]