A hospital based in Coimbatore has performed a rare microneurosurgery on a 29 year old Bangladeshi army man. The patient was earlier diagnosed with brain aneurysm.

The patient was first admitted to a hospital in Dhaka about three months ago with severe headache. Even though he was discharged a week after, the headache recurred. This led to his getting admitted to the Dhaka Military Hospital. It was there that he was diagnosed with brain aneurysm.

The doctors of the hospital referred the patient to the Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital(KMCH) in Coimbatore for brain surgery.

KMCH neurosurgeon Dr.Suresh Jayabalan said to the newspaper, The Times of India that the Dhaka Military Hospital diagnosed the patient with brain anuerysm or ballooning of blood vessel in the brain and they treated him by diffusing the aneurysm. He also said that the the patient experienced a re-bleed from the bloated brain vessel, and that the resulting headache was so bad that he went unconscious.

That was when the Dhaka Military Hospital referred him to KMCH. Dr. Jayabalan told the TOI that the bleeding had to be arrested and an angiogram carried out to look for blocks in the blood vessels in the brain.

The surgery was performed a little over 45 days back and the army man was discharged just a week later. KMCH received a recent communication from the Dhaka Military Hospital relating the full recovery of the patient.

Image credits: covaipost.com

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