Adding a new feather to the crown of the technological advancements in the medical field, Aster CMI Hospital claimed that it has successfully performed a live liver transplant on a patient from Nigeria, by not using blood or blood products, to protect the patient’s religious beliefs. Very few such surgeries have been successfully conducted worldwide. […]

The Indian doctors could take pride in the Gurugram doctors who have saved the life of a baby girl in a rare surgery. The doctors have given ‘Noor’ a new lease of life by performing a liver transplant using a bovine jugular vein of a cow to provide blood circulation to the new liver. Noor, […]

Chennai doctors performed simultaneous risky surgeries to save a 70-year-old Burmese-Tamil woman. Ten months ago, Hla Hla Sein Sakinar, a Burmese woman of Tamil origin, first went to the doctor in her hometown of Yangon in Myanmar. But she never thought her journey to recovery would bring her back to the land of her ancestors. […]

Indian doctors have removed a giant kidney as much big as two newborn babies out of a man with a life-threatening genetic condition. It’s believed to be the largest kidney ever removed in India weighing 7.4kg. The 56-year-old patient, suffering from autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, underwent the two-hour operation at the Sir Ganga Ram […]

Doctor’s at Apollo Hospital, Delhi has recently saved the life of a 7-month-old girl suffering from a rare type of heart disease called type-3 truncus arteriosus (TA). The baby had a condition where she had only one great blood vessel parting the heart, which then branched into blood vessels going to the lungs and the […]

The Advanced Cardiac Centre of the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) has given a new lease of life to an elderly patient. The doctors at PGI has installed two stents in a 103-year-old heart patient. According to the institute’s official statement, the patient was the oldest to have undergone the procedure in […]

The doctors at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), Kochi has successfully reconstructed the breastbone that helps protect the heart, lungs and major blood vessels from injury, that was missing in a nine-months-old girl using 3D technology. Her family came to Kochi three months ago for the child’s treatment. Paediatric cardiologists and surgeons studied it […]

Seven-year-old Ravindranath was a normal kid, except for a swollen lower right jaw. The swelling looked like a symptom of tooth decay to his parents. But little did they know that there were nearly 526 teeth tucked inside his tiny jaw. He didn’t have all these teeth in his mouth, which would have otherwise, given […]

Doctors of Madurai Apollo super speciality hospital had recently performed a rare surgery on a 50-year-old-woman with a brain aneurysm. According to the doctors, the aneurysm of the woman was particularly rare due to its ‘giant’ size and the location where it occurred. To help the patient recover from this condition, the doctors have performed […]

Doctors at Narayana Health City have performed a rare procedure on conjoined twins who shared a single heart and successfully managed to save the life of one of the twins. The doctors performed what they claim the world’s first PDA stenting as well as the region’s first thoracopagus separation surgery to separate the twins. The […]