In a Bihar hospital, a shocking incident has taken place where it clearly shows the carelessness of the health system. In a bizarre incident, a stray dog took away the amputated leg of a patient from a government hospital.
The incident which ‘portrays’ the ‘health’ of hospital ironically took place at Buxar, the Lok Sabha constituency of Union Minister of State for Health. As per reports, the limb belonged to Ramnath Mishra of Ara district. Ramnath Mishra had been admitted to the hospital after he slipped and fell on the track while trying to board Shramjeevi Express at Buxar Railway Station. He was rushed into hospital by the Government Railway Police. His right leg and arm were almost severed in the incident. As soon as he reached, the doctors shifted him to the operation theatre. The doctors in the operation theatre amputated the leg and kept it separate while cleaning the wounds for dressing. Meanwhile, a stray dog entered the operation theatre. Before the staff could understand what is happening and react to it, the dog ran away with the amputated leg. Mishra later succumbed to his injuries.
“The hospital staff, shocked over the incident, made frantic efforts to locate the stray dog but could not trace it,” a source from Buxar said.
Later, the doctors said that the amputated leg was of no use. The picture of a black stray dog, holding the amputated leg went viral in the social media. The dog was seen holding a long piece of flesh and bones.


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