The State health department has issued instructions to Delhi city hospitals so that assault on medical staff at the workplace can be curbed.

The two-page direction has such lines as these:

“All doctors must locate a security guard on duty so that he may be summoned any time immediately if required, along with a sign code indicating impending threat and help.” The direction also calls for mandatory process reforms in all medical establishments.

Inspections are mandatory

As per the order, periodic inspections have to be made mandatory at hospitals and also mapping of security guards. Security guards must also prevent unrestricted entry into wards.

Other rules laid down by the order include the one for expectant mothers, mandating that hospitals should ensure that expectant mothers aren’t made to go from room to room. Also, a medical superintendent must ensure that officers guide patients during admission, consultation etc.

As for nurses the rule gives the directive that they must be available on duty at the start of shift timings and that preparations including changing uniform and marking attendance have to be finished before the shift begins.

Image credits: dnaindia

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