Specialists still rule the roost in terms of pay in the medical sector-true anywhere in the world. But that’s just about the only common point or so it seems as the salaries that medical professionals draw vary-sometimes by large degrees from nation to nation.

Part of the reason for this discrepancy, of course is macroeconomic.

According to a study by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, these are the countries where doctors get paid the most(amounts represented as annual salaries):

1.The Netherlands

With smart working conditions and high pay, Netherlands has been a favoured place among doctors for long.

  • The average yearly compensation that specialists get in Norway is $253,000(Almost INR 1.7 Cr.)
  • For general practitioners, it’s $117,000(Over INR 78 lahks)

2. Australia

Australia’s provisions are good enough to make even doctors from the UK want to work there.

  • As for remuneration, specialists make about $247,000(Over INR 1.6 Cr.)
  • General practitioners earn $91,000 on average(Over INR 60 lakhs)

3. United States

The higher practice costs and also lower insurance reimbursement rates are expected to cause a shortage of doctors in S in the coming years.
As of now, their earnings are pretty good though:

  • A specialist makes about $230,000(Over INR 1.5 Cr.)
  • A general practitioner makes about $161,000( Over INR 1 Cr.)

4. Canada

A small percentage of Canadian doctors leave for the US to practice for the higher wages. But what they themselves receive isn’t all that bad:

  • Specialists earn $161,000(Over INR 1 Cr.)
  • General practitioners earn $ 107,000(Over INR 71 lakhs)

5. United Kingdom

With Brexit, the medical profession, just like other sectors in the nation faces uncertainties which needed be sorted out. As for the pay, doctors remain in a good place still:

  • Specialists make $150,000(Over INR 1 Cr.)
  • For general practitioners, the average earning is $118,000(Over INR 78 lakhs)

Now, take a look at the stats for some of the Asian countries(the amounts shown all pertain to GPs)

  • Taiwan-$ 64,656(Over INR 43 lakhs)
  • Japan- $ 55,128(Over INR 36 lakhs)
  • Singapore-$46,116(Over INR 30 lakhs)
  • Thailand-$35,232(Over INR 23 lakhs)
  • Kuwait-$ 28,452(Nearly INR 19 lakhs)

Additional source: mims.com

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