Soon, people can store their vaccination records in their body itself. Researchers are making progress in developing a novel way to record a patient’s vaccination history: storing the data in a pattern of dye, invisible to the naked eye, which is delivered under the skin at the same time as the vaccine. Though it has […]

In a first, NITI Aayog has asked the affected patients of J&J’s hip implants to help build consensus on the proposed regulation of medical devices. At present, India doesn’t have a law to compensate patients facing the adverse effects of faulty implants or medical devices. After the J&J hip implant case, which changed the lives […]

The Medical Council of India database on the medical faculty seems unlikely to be true. If the MCI database is to be believed, more than 60% of all post-graduate doctors are teachers in medical colleges. But, the faculty norms suggest there would at best be about one lakh doctors working as faculty, with about 550 […]

An advisory issued by the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry to the states to delay administering potentially life-saving drug oxytocin to women has baffled the health specialists.  The advisory sent to health officials in all states and Union Territories calls on obstetric staff to delay the drug Prophylactic Oxytocin be given to women only […]

To become a doctor is a dream of many. But one can feel the real struggle when they jump to the environment of the medical college. It can take a toll on the mental health of the students. Considering the back-to-back incidences of medical students’ suicides and violence against resident doctors, Indian Medical Association(IMA), in […]

The Union Health Ministry has issued a draft notification which intends to regulate all the medical devices used on human beings and animals in the country. The draft also makes it mandatory for all the devices to get certified by India’s drug regulatory authority, Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO).  At present only 23 medical […]

A report on a 60-year follow-up of a clinical trial suggests that receiving BCG vaccination during early childhood is associated with reduced risk of subsequent lung cancer development. The results were published in the ‘Journal of the American Medical Association'(JAMA). The study, “Association of Bacille Calmette-Guerin Vaccination in Childhood with Subsequent Cancer,” was led by […]

A recent study finds out that antibiotic use is linked to the higher risk of developing bowel cancer. The findings, published online in the journal Gut conclude that there is an association between antibiotic use and an increase in colon cancer risk, but a decrease in rectal cancer risk. According to the researchers, the findings […]

A low-cost, four-in-one pill, can cut the number of heart attacks and strokes by a third, a study shows. This daily pill contains blood-thinning aspirin, a cholesterol-lowering statin and two drugs to lower blood pressure. All these medications are readily available, but the idea is that combining them into one tablet will make compliance easier. […]

Scientists have developed a new method for producing malleable microstructures, like, stents that are 40 times smaller than any produced till date. Such stents, in future, could be used to help widen life-threatening constrictions of the urinary tract in fetuses in the womb. Though stents have been used to treat blocked coronary vessels for some […]