Uday Sardar was on his duty that day too. He was plastering the roof of a one-storey house at the time when the fate played a villain. Around 11.30am, a dozen masons and laborers who were working on the same site heard a scream and found Sardar pierced on the three iron rods after falling off the scaffolding. The wounds were bleeding excessively. But Sardar was conscious. They rushed him to the hospital as soon as they freed him from by sawing off the ends of rods, the rods still protruding out from both sides. At first, he was taken to Baruipuir Hospital where he was given preliminary treatment: an anti-tetanus shot and saline. The doctors there advised them to take him to Kolkata for further treatment and surgery.
Finally, his friends took him to the Chittaranjan National Medical College Hospital (CNMC) in Kolkata, making the journey in two-and-a-half hours, traveling around 40 km. When he reached there, the doctors have examined that though the rods had touched his liver, intestine and a kidney, it didn’t puncture any organ. So the next thing to do was to cut the rods short so that it would be easier to lay Sardar on the operating theatre bed. But since the medics realized that the cutting machine’s vibration may cause irreparable damage to Sardar’s internal organs, they dropped that plan. A seven-member doctors team was formed and they decided to go ahead with an open-surgery to take the rods out. The surgery started at 4 pm and ended in success around 7.30pm.
“He has been working at the site for more than a week. I was preparing lunch for our daughter when a neighbor informed me about the accident. By the time I rushed to the accident spot, he had been taken to Kolkata,” said Debi, Sardar’s wife.
“We wasted no time in doing the surgery,” said Sandip Gosh, the medical superintendent and vice-principal of CNMC, who himself was a part of the surgery team. “A medical board was formed with the heads of seven departments. All of them took part in the surgery. He was extremely lucky, for the rods could have split his intestine, liver or a kidney. These organs were scraped, but not injured significantly. “Sardar will have to remain under observation until we can declare him out of danger” he added.

Source: https://www.indiatimes.com/news/india/kolkata-man-travels-over-40-km-with-3-iron-rods-still-inside-body-saved-after-surgery-350946.html