The diabetic patients in the country have good news which can save their monthly medicine bills. Over 15-20 companies are launching generic versions of the widely-prescribed anti-diabetic drug Vildagliptin, with its price expected to crash by half.
The potential of more affordable diabetic care came in the wake of Swiss major Novartis-owned Vildagliptin losing patent on Monday, a development closely watched for months. Dozens of companies have already made plans to get a slice of the action in the growing Rs 14,000-crore diabetes therapy market, with the number of players expected to cross 50 soon.
According to the analysts, the price of Vildagliptin is expected to fall by as much as 80 per cent. With the drug’s patent expiry, the price may drop to Rs 6 per tablet over the next few months, from the existing Rs 20-25.
Vildagliptin is a part of a class of diabetes medications called dipeptidyl peptidase IV or DPP4 inhibitors. The drug is prescribed as a once-daily drug and may often be combined with another anti-diabetic drug metformin. Vildagliptin in India is sold by Novartis under the brand name Galvus. Vildagliptin is available under brands Zomelis, Jalra and Vyosov, marketed by Abbott, USV and Cipla under sub-licenses from Novartis. The market for gliptins in India, according to AICOD, is around Rs 3,510 crores of the total Rs 15,000 crore anti-diabetes drug market. Apart from Vildagliptin, there are other gliptins like Sitagliptin, Saxagliptin and Teneligliptin.
“This is a high-volume and high-growth market so there is room for good players. Pricing can vary, depending on the differential positioning and brand equity of the company ”, Emcure Pharma executive director, Namita Thapar told TOI adding it will enter the market this month.

Source: Times Of India, Moneycontrol

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