For the past four months, the doctors and employees of Doon Medical College hospital in Dehradun haven’t received their salary. They have now threatened to give a mass resignation on August 9-which happens to be the inauguration day of the hospital. The Chief Minister will be inaugurating the medical college on the ‘auspicious’ day.

To protest, the docs will wear black ribbons on the day unless they are paid by then. The decision for mass resignation was made by expert doctors after a meeting on Monday.

The newly appointed minister, Dinesh Dhanai has assured the doctors that they will receive salary within a week. He said to the media,
“After strengthening the base of medical services at Dehradun our focus would be on creating a nursing college in Tehri followed by uplifting the state of affairs of Almora medical college and hospital. We will focus on quality medical education.”

He also said that the administration will be allotted a budget so that issues that affect patients and medical facilities will be sorted. However, he didn’t touch upon the issue of water scarcity in the hospital that hampered smooth functioning.

Dr KK Tamta, the Medical Superintendent of Doon Medical College said thus:

“Alternative arrangements have been done, the existing machine was tampered which has now been given for repairing and a new set up for water has been created. Operations are being conducted but with little problems. The hospital require 1.25 lakh litres per day however we are getting barely 60,000 litres which is not sufficient.”

All considered, the hospital doesn’t seem to be having the best of times.

Image credits: The Times of India

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