Johnson and Johnson have voluntarily recalled one lot of its Johnson’s Baby Powder, which contains almost 33,000 bottles since the US Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has found the trace of asbestos in a single bottle. The FDA recommended that consumers stop using the lot #22318RB immediately and contact J&J for a refund. The recall comes […]

The Indian Medical Association has decided to move court, questioning the “validity” of the Clinical Establishments(Registration, Regulation and Transparency) Act, 2017 that has been introduced recently by the West Bengal government. Also, the IMA will protest “politically” and will observe a “National IMA Black Day” on April 27. This will be to protest the Act […]

A doctor from Maharastra has been absolved by the Supreme Court of a medical negligence charge 20 years after it was made. The incident that spurred the accusation was a road accident in which a victim succumbed to injuries at the hospital. The Supreme Court relied on its earlier verdict, saying that for cases in […]

Amidst ‘suggestions’ from the union minister of women and child development, Maneka Gandhi regarding the ‘racket’ in C-section deliveries, doctors are strongly criticizing the minister’s comments. ‘Government’s move will eventually harm doctors’ Speaking to the Hindustan Times, Punjab based gynaecologist, Dr Geetanjali Arora mentioned that the minister’s comment ends up trying to breach the foundation […]

joust(/dʒaʊst/) verb gerund or present participle: jousting; noun: jousting 1. historical (of a medieval knight) engage in a sporting contest in which two opponents on horseback fight with lances 2. compete closely for superiority This is the dictionary entry you get when you Google the word ‘joust’. It’s easy to get a mental image of […]

For the past four months, the doctors and employees of Doon Medical College hospital in Dehradun haven’t received their salary. They have now threatened to give a mass resignation on August 9-which happens to be the inauguration day of the hospital. The Chief Minister will be inaugurating the medical college on the ‘auspicious’ day. To […]

Let’s get real here. India has a sort of ‘pedigree’ when it comes to issuing well-intentioned rules which turn around and strike at the wrong players. Those in the medical profession have found themselves at the suffering end of this phenomenon, time and time again. For one instance of putting rules or initiatives to the […]

Once again, the newly enacted Clinical Establishment(Registration and Regulation) Act (CEA) has attracted the displeasure of the doctors. For the doctors affiliated to the Indian Medical Association(IMA) have unequivocally expressed their opposition to the provisions of the act. Their claim: it will just land healthcare in corporate hands and adversely affect smaller healthcare units. They […]

Deeming abortion to be in the “best interest” of the victim, the Gujarat High Court permitted the termination of a 22-week pregnancy of a 14 year old rape survivor. The Medical Termination of Pregnancy(MTP) Act allows termination of pregnancy only up to the 20th week of pregnancy. However, the present case was one which the […]

Dismissing a complaint from a deceased patient’s widow, the National Commission observed that a physician is free to choose whom to serve except in case of an Emergency. The Commission also mentioned that it’s in the interest of both doctors and patients that such cases aren’t unnecessarily dragged to the Court. The compliant based on […]