Many are the changes that have come over medical practices in the last few centuries. Procedures which once took hours of labor can now be performed in mere minutes and with the minimal pain on the patient.

Earlier, while bullets had to be extracted and cauterized irons had to be used, anesthetics were not exactly the norm. It was common enough for patients to suffer shock or even die from intense pain or heart failure. Of course, today, that’s far from how it’s done.
But it’s not just the operating procedures which have changed. Guidelines on health and cleanliness have been updated too. There was a time when sterilization wasn’t considered necessary and certain tools were used from one patient to another without the tools being cleaned. Also, bloodletting-which is considered unsanitary, not to mention fatal, was once considered one of the few ways to evict harmful diseases from the body. Physical restraints and bite boards are also relics of the past, thanks to morphine and antiseptics.

The following infographic created by Medex Supply depicts the changes that have come over medical procedures down the ages.


P.S: Daily Rounds is in no way associated with Medex Supply. The infographic is re-used here solely for the purpose of general information.

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