The Pune chapter of the Indian Medical Association is planning to launch a study to determine per bed charges incurred by hospitals every year. They claim to be frustrated by the financial state into which private hospitals have been pushed by the authorities. For long, the hospitals have been claiming to struggle to run their […]

To become a doctor is a dream of many. But one can feel the real struggle when they jump to the environment of the medical college. It can take a toll on the mental health of the students. Considering the back-to-back incidences of medical students’ suicides and violence against resident doctors, Indian Medical Association(IMA), in […]

People visit hospitals when they are sick. What if the hospitals itself make them sick? A large number of people who visit hospitals come back with something more serious. Hospital Acquired Infections, commonly known as HAI’s or nosocomial infections are infections that patients contract while receiving health care. It is developed from a hospital or […]

As assaults against doctors by patient’s kin are mounting alarmingly, hospitals are taking more measures to prevent such conflicts from arising in the first place. While things like having a gate-pass system to gain access and positing armed guards are finding takers in the aftermath of the recent attacks in Maharashtra, they are said to […]

Arthur Conan Doyle is the alumnus of the Edinburgh Medical School- one of the world’s oldest medical institutions. But of course, that’s not exactly what he became famous for. Like fellow alumni- Alexander Fleming (discoverer of penicillin) and Joseph Lister(who initiated the practice of sterilizing instruments) Doyle was someone who became famous for something other […]

The Indian government is contemplating the idea of allowing foreign medical graduates to practice in the country without any need for exams or tests, says reports. The proposal that is vetted by the ministry of law and justice is expected to be notified soon. The move is meant to tackle the acute shortage of doctors […]

It’s a very tight corner that doctors and hospital administrations are in when they get patients like Jayalalithaa. As a Mumbai doctor who has treated many Bollywood bigwigs and politicians said, “The media goes crazy and when there is a politician involved, there are calls from within the party and the opposition to know everything.” […]

One major challenge many thought doctors would have in adopting e-Detailing was the lack of personal touch like in face-to-face interactions. But with more and more Indian doctors not just adopting it but actually showing a preference for e-Detailing over personal interactions with the MR, that doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore. There are […]

A young girl could get a fever after bathing in the near-freezing temperatures of the Ganges during the Kumbh Mela- the world’s largest religious congregation. She could have flu-like symptoms and be dehydrated. Her condition could even be contagious. Aaron Heerboth, a co-ordinator of the Harvard public health research team during the Mela in 2013 […]

More and more doctors are feeling that their skills are being wasted in government service. They have some very valid reasons to share. Below, you will six major reasons for the discontent. Lack of quality check The absence of quality check in government hospitals is something that Dr Arun R Warrier, a medical oncologist at […]