As Covid-19 vaccines start being rolled out in several countries, a new strain of the coronavirus discovered in Britain has yet again added fuel to the flames. The strain, which is said to be up to 70 per cent more transmissible than the original, has already forced several countries to shut their borders or ban travel with the UK and has sowed fears of further health crisis and economic disruptions.

Either way, when the alarm wakes me up I can feel the torment on my entire body. Irregular sleeping hours and sleep deprivation are now a constant companion. However, I’ll kick start the exhausted body and will be back to work without a second thought. All thanks to my circadian rhythm that has been doing a restless job for the past one month!

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At a time when the country is struggling to bring down the number of coronavirus cases, what do you think the current status of the state in India which reported the first coronavirus cases would be? Thousands of cases and more number of deaths? More cases emerging day by day?  No. The ironical fact here […]

COVID doctor

In these times where the whole world is battling against the coronavirus, some stories of humanity and hope are what keeps us all motivated. One such story of humanity is about a Lucknow doctor who recently got discharged from the hospital after being treated for Coronavirus, raring to get back into the fight against COVID-19.  […]

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Encumbered by the shortage of masks and other personal protective equipment, multiple doctors in government hospitals in India have contracted the novel coronavirus. The healthcare workers were complaining about the lack of PPE and masks for weeks.  According to the ministry sources, almost 50 healthcare providers including doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff have been […]

attack against doctors

As coronavirus cases continue to surge in the country, assault against the doctors has also started to gush. In what can be considered as shocking news in the current situation, the health workers and officials engaged in India’s fight against coronavirus were brutally attacked in various parts of the country.  The doctors are now concerned […]

“If you do one good deed your reward usually is to be set to do another and harder and better one.”- C.S. Lewis While the entire nation is under the dark cloud of the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare professionals at all levels work with a redoubled commitment to stem the spread of the virus.  Leaving family […]


“How can a soldier win a war without guns, the same is the situation here, The government has made corona centres, but doctors are forced to work without personal protective equipment (PPE), please look into this matter,” tweeted a doctor yesterday.  The threat of coronavirus pandemic has finally put all Indians, except the health workers […]

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The world-wide coronavirus deaths are reaching 15,000. It has now turned into a nightmare for the people and the governments all around the world. The situation in India is also not different. As the confirmed cases of coronavirus in India stands at 415, the country has so much to worry about.  Lack of Ventilators With […]

The recent spread of the novel coronavirus has created panic at a global level. With the number of cases worldwide of the Covid-19 surpassing 180,000, with more than 7000 deaths, the governments across the globe still struggle to contain the pandemic.  The researchers across the world are in a continuous effort to discover a vaccine […]