More than a thousand doctors in the government service in Uttarakhand have threatened to go on a two-hour strike every day from July 11 for a week. The call for strike came in the wake of the non-implementation of Dynamic Assured Career Progression(DACP) Scheme.

The DACP Scheme, which was introduced by the Central Government in 2008 ensures a raise in the pay scale of doctors every four years-this, whether they are promoted or not. In the present scenario, doctors get promoted at intervals of four, nine, thirteen and twenty years of their service. And a salary raise goes only to the promoted doctors, the promotion being merit-based.

The scheme was partially implemented in Uttarakhand in 2015. However, this enabled the benefit to be enjoyed only by the new entrants.

The Provincial Medical Health Services(PMHS) is a government doctors’ association in the state. They have made a demand of the state government that a government order(GO) be released to effect the scheme’s full implementation by July 8.

Dr. Naresh Napchyal revealed to the newspaper, The Times of India that the state government made the promise on June 4, 2016 that the DACP scheme will be implemented for all and arrears dating from April 1 will be given to the doctors. But the government has failed to keep the promise.

Dr.Naresh added that all the 1086 doctors in the government sector in the state will strike for a week from July 11. The doctors will abstain from working from 8 AM to 10 AM.

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