Badrilal Meena of Rajasthan is someone who could well be called a human pin cushion.

He is a 56 year old railway employee. But what’s baffling the doctors is the fact that he has 75 stationery pins embedded deep under the skin of his neck, legs, forearms.

The curious fact is that no visible marks exist to suggest that the inch-long pins were pierced into his skin, by himself or someone else.

Curiouser still, Meena-who hails from Barda village in Bundi district himself has no clue as to how he hot them.

“There are no pins or perforations visible in the stomach, oesophagus or intestines to suggest he swallowed them,” said B Panda, the surgeon treating Meena at Kota railway hospital.

His condition was first found out when he visited a private hospital in Kota this April. He had gone to the hospital for treating his aching foot and diabetes.

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