From suspending commercial aircraft to asking people to work from home, India is intensifying the measures to fight the coronavirus. But the experts have earlier opined that India could be the next hotspot for coronavirus. Though we couldn’t rectify this doubt right now, the country’s infection count is rising, with the total number of cases […]

As a move to halt the spread of the coronavirus, the governments around the world have decided to practice “Social Distancing”. At least for now, Social Distancing is our new ‘normal’. The main intention is to slow down the spread of the virus by decreasing the number of people who get sick at one time. […]

The recent spread of the novel coronavirus has created panic at a global level. With the number of cases worldwide of the Covid-19 surpassing 180,000, with more than 7000 deaths, the governments across the globe still struggle to contain the pandemic.  The researchers across the world are in a continuous effort to discover a vaccine […]

As India is experiencing a hike in the number of coronavirus cases, the health ministry has announced that the first and second confirmatory tests for COVID-19 are made free for all citizens. The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases has crossed 110 in the country. As per a report published by ANI, Sanjeeva Kumar, Special […]

For the past few months, the world has been grappling with coronavirus, which has created a wave of fear among the people. Now, the coronavirus has the world on edge. As the number of confirmed cases of illness ways back to many countries, anxiety, fuelled by uncertainty arises. The virus has till now affected 199,491 […]

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The World Health Organisation has declared coronavirus as a global pandemic. Among the countries which need to be extra-cautious stand India, the second-most populous country. Though India reported only three cases in January and February first week, there has been a steep rise in the coronavirus cases in March. It has jumped from three to […]

Coronavirus Outbreak

Highlights: WHO has declared COVID-19 a pandemic The virus has spread to 114 countries The last time the WHO declared a pandemic was during the H1N1 outbreak in 2009 In the wake of rising cases and spread of the coronavirus, the World Health Organisation has declared it as a pandemic. The virus has now spread […]

As the coronavirus cases are rising in Italy, anesthesiologists and doctors are finding it tough to make a call about who to treat first.  According to Politico media, doctors are prioritizing the young, and otherwise healthy right now, since they have the greatest chance of survival. “It is a fact that we will have to choose whom […]

HIV cure

In a breakthrough, a study published in The Lancet HIV journal reveals that a London man has become the second person in the world to be cured of HIV.  “The man is still free of the virus even 30 months after stopping the antiretroviral therapy,” reports the journal. According to the report, the man, identified as Adam […]