During the time of an unprecedented pandemic, while doctors are rendering exemplary service beyond their call of duty, attacks continue to rise on them with each passing day. The way doctors are being treated in the country that too in the middle of a pandemic is now becoming a cause of serious concern. In the last one week, incidents of doctors being attacked in 5 different states have come to light.

The Indian Medical Association has issued a strong statement condemning the violence on doctors and nurses who rushed to treat injured students in the Jawaharlal Nehru University(JNU). It is for the third time that the IMA is issuing such a statement regarding the violence against the doctors. “How does it reflect on the nation, if […]

The incidents of violence against the doctors in India continue to occur at an alarming rate. To curb the situation, the Pune doctors have decided to stop providing treatment for those who verbally or physically abuse them. The Pune chapter of Indian Medical Association is the first in the country to start such an initiative. […]

As incidents of violence against doctors continue to occur, the health ministry is planning a 10-year jail term, and a fine between Rs 2 lakh to 10 lakh, for persons who found guilty of physically or mentally abusing doctors. This strong message to the public is according to the draft bill provisions meant to prevent […]

On the light of the continuing assault against doctors, the Indian Medical Association has made an appeal to the union government for early enactment of a law to control the attacks against the doctors with a provision of stringent action against attackers. The government had recently formed an inter-ministerial committee to frame central legislation covering […]

“Doctors can guarantee the best treatment, but doctors cannot guarantee 100% results.” The above statement has been taken from a petition filed to the Prime minister on the wake of a recent attack faced by a doctor of NRS Medical College, Kolkata. This is not for the first time that the doctors in India are […]