The debates on how to end weeks of lockdown without risking a second wave had been gaining momentum over the past few days. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a new strategic response document detailing a set of six criteria to move towards the new normal “By putting societies and economies on hold, we […]

Coronavirus Outbreak

Highlights: WHO has declared COVID-19 a pandemic The virus has spread to 114 countries The last time the WHO declared a pandemic was during the H1N1 outbreak in 2009 In the wake of rising cases and spread of the coronavirus, the World Health Organisation has declared it as a pandemic. The virus has now spread […]

coronavirus threat

As the coronavirus cases are at its peak in China and spreading to more countries, the World Health Organisation has warned that it could still grow into a pandemic. Even as the Chinese epicentre appeared to be calming, the financial markets in Middle-East Europe and Asia have become increasingly plunge. With more than 2,000 cases […]

Corona Virus

The World Health Organisation has declared the novel coronavirus outbreak as a global public health emergency. The declaration was made as the virus continues to spread outside China. Following the WHO declaration of the coronavirus as an emergency, the US has warned its citizens to not travel to China. The Director-General of the WHO Dr […]

With the outbreak of coronavirus, a new strain of virus in China, India also began taking precautionary measures to identify the presence of the virus. According to the Union Health Ministry, a total of more than 9000 passengers from 43 flights was screened for the virus at seven identified airports including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. […]

The World Health Organisation has pre-qualified a vaccine, PNEUMOSIL®, a vaccine against a leading cause of deadly childhood pneumonia – the pneumococcus bacterium. The vaccine was developed through a collaboration spanning over a decade between Serum Institute of India, Pvt. Ltd. (SIIPL) and PATH and with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The […]

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women. One of the painful facts is that of most women died of breast cancer, the reason was either late diagnosis or lack of access to affordable treatment. Now, WHO has prequalified its first biosimilar medicine ‘trastuzumab’, a move that could make this expensive, life-saving […]

An advisory issued by the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry to the states to delay administering potentially life-saving drug oxytocin to women has baffled the health specialists.  The advisory sent to health officials in all states and Union Territories calls on obstetric staff to delay the drug Prophylactic Oxytocin be given to women only […]

For Doctors, the first and foremost area to be concerned about is their patient’s safety. As a coin has two sides, while concerns are being raised about increasing incidents of violence against doctors, the World Health Organisation points out to the other side of the picture by warning us that more than 138 million patients […]

The World Health Organisation(WHO) has updated the list of global guidance on medicines and diagnostic tests. The updated list will help countries prioritize critical health products that should be widely available and affordable throughout health systems. The two updated lists focus on cancer and other global health challenges, with an emphasis on effective solutions, smart […]