On the way to the popular hill station of Mussorie, there stands a small hospital on the four-acre bizarre and incomplete children’s science park campus. The small building standing amidst the green is dedicated to providing medical help to the people of the hills, which also include those suffering from burns or injuries inflicted by […]

On the week-days, Dr Bindu Menon is a doctor at a hospital in Nellore. On the weekends, she navigates through the narrow lanes of villages of the Andra Pradesh in a small van. The only difference is that she is not going on a leisure trip, but for something more. Holding the grip on the […]

Dr KM Cherian is a man who is close to the hearts. Millions of hearts continue to beat because of him. Having performed 40,000+ Surgeries, he is one of the pioneers in the field of cardiac care. Born in 1942, in a family of farmers, he graduated from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal and went to […]

Everybody will have a turning point which can change the course of their life. Dr Nordan Otzer had two major turning points in his life, which changed his dreams for good. The year was 2007. Dr Nordan was working in a Tamil Nadu rural hospital. One day, he received news that his mother has cervical […]

Away from the hustles of crowded cities of Maharashtra, there exists a government hospital with only one doctor. Situated in Nandarbur, the northern tribal district of Maharashtra, the Dhadgaon Rural Hospital has only one doctor and ten Nurses. The only doctor left in the hospital, Dr Santhosh Parmar, MD in gynaecology manages everything in the […]

Five years ago, Whatsapp was just another communication tool for Dr Padmanabha Kamath. But, this interventional cardiologist from Mangaluru still remembers an incident which shook his thoughts and forced him to start a new WhatsApp group, ‘Cardiology at Doorsteps’ (CAD). He was distraught when he read the news of a young auto-rickshaw driver in a […]

Amidst the hustle and crowd of Chennai, the Adyar Cancer Institute stands out proudly. Over the years, this multi-storeyed building has been the ray of hope for many. Since its inception in 1954, it has saved thousands whose lives were ravaged by the disease. The credits go to Dr Muthulakshmi Reddy, the driving force behind […]

Women’s rights and education have always been a constant topic of debate. During British rule, the Indian women were supposed to hide behind their veils. Education and career was a distant dream for the helpless women of that time. But, this woman’s story doesn’t portray the oppression of women of that time. This is a […]

For the past seven years, an eye specialist and his eye clinic have been the reason for the joy for many village dwellers of Assam. The modest appearance of the clinic might be deluding at first sight. But once you see the long queue of patients eagerly waiting for their turn, you’ll understand why this […]

At 71, Dr Kanwal Vilku, who braved the harsh winters of Antarctica for the longest time, is still busy working as a medical officer at Panjab University’s (PU) Bhai Ghanaiya Ji’s Institute of Health. Though she officially retired as a chief medical officer from Central government service in 2007, neither has she stopped working, nor […]