During the time of an unprecedented pandemic, while doctors are rendering exemplary service beyond their call of duty, attacks continue to rise on them with each passing day. The way doctors are being treated in the country that too in the middle of a pandemic is now becoming a cause of serious concern. In the last one week, incidents of doctors being attacked in 5 different states have come to light.

A 73-year-old doctor at a tea estate in Assam’s Jorhat district died hours after being beaten by garden workers. The workers allegedly beat up the doctor following the death of one of their colleagues who was undergoing treatment at the estate hospital. “The garden doctor, 73-year-old Dr Deben Dutta was assaulted following the death of […]

“Doctors can guarantee the best treatment, but doctors cannot guarantee 100% results.” The above statement has been taken from a petition filed to the Prime minister on the wake of a recent attack faced by a doctor of NRS Medical College, Kolkata. This is not for the first time that the doctors in India are […]

A spurt in number of cases of doctors being threatened, assaulted and even abducted for ransom has been reported from Bihar in the past two months. Fearing the return of dark times — between 1991 and 2005 when, according to statistics compiled by the IMA-Bihar, at least 38 doctors or their wards were kidnapped and […]