Medical surgeries have seen several advancements over the years. But, despite the medical and surgical advances in the field of knee surgery, the normal practice for fractures or tears in the ligament, calcification or filling of water, has been an open surgery. To overcome this, Bengaluru-based doctor Dr Chandrashekar P, Senior Consultant and head of […]

New research finds that babies born by caesarean section have different gut bacteria to those born vaginally. The most comprehensive study to date on the baby microbiome showed that babies born vaginally pick up most of their initial dose of bacteria from their mother, while C-section babies have more bugs linked to hospital environments, including […]

PGI neurosurgeons have developed a guideline on how to endoscopically manage and treat brain cysts in children below the age of 5 years for the first time in the world medical literature. Before this, the doctors used to decide the type of surgery based on hit-and-trial. Hence, the health of the kids would take a […]

The doctors at Delhi AIIMS Trauma Centre has found an unusual complication on a patient recently. The 37-year-old patient with a broken hip who had undergone multiple surgeries has suffered serious damage to the heart muscles. The doctors say this was due to the increased toxicity after the use of a cobalt-chromium implant in revision […]

The department of neurosurgery at PGI, Chandigarh have come up with a new solution which can be a sense of relief for the patients with back pain. Now, the patients would not have to wait for the doctor’s approval for undergoing low back surgery. The Department of Neurosurgery, PGIMER has started Stitchless Endoscopic Spine Surgery […]

The Supreme Court has recently held that a doctor or surgeon cannot assure that the outcome of any surgery would be beneficial. The decision was held in response to a case between Dr SK Jhunjhunwala vs Mrs Dhanwanti Kumar. The appellant, Dr Jhunjhunwala, a doctor by profession had been practising medicine in Calcutta since 1969. […]

The baby weighed just 470 grams at birth. He was only the size of a palm, and was born prematurely after 28 weeks of pregnancy. The baby’s eyes hadn’t opened, neither were his lungs developed. His skin looked like parchment paper that was just too fragile and delicate to the touch. And he also had […]

Four month old Vidisha is dubbed the “miracle baby” in the Mumbai hospital where she has spent the last two months of her life. The baby was born with a major heart defect that required a 12 hour surgery. Not just that, after the surgery she suffered an overwhelming six heart attacks. Vidisha was born […]

A very rare surgery was successfully performed by doctors in Hyderabad to remove a shoulder tumour. The surgery, in fact was performed six months back on 46 year old Padma. But now, she has achieved 160 degrees shoulder rotation- the highest that’s possible with such surgeries, as per the doctors. Doctors performed the advanced reverse […]

A 14 month old Iraqi child who had disfigured face successfully underwent a high-risk skull reconstruction surgery in a hospital in Delhi. It’s said that the kid is recuperating well. The surgery has once again revealed Indian medical fraternity’s prowess in the global medical field. The boy had to spend his first year with a […]