A Bengaluru based oral maxillofacial and cleft surgeon has discovered a new anatomical opening in the lower jaw. This discovery by Dr Nyer Firdoose proves that the human body is not yet completely mapped using technology and there is much to explore. Dr Nyer’s discovery has been published in the scientific journal ‘Surgical and Radiologic […]

Researchers have discovered new cancer therapies that don’t have side-effects that often accompany current cancer treatments. The researchers found this by identifying a protein modification that specifically supports proliferation and survival of tumour cells. The findings were published in the ‘Journal of Biological Chemistry’. A patient might suffer from many side effects which include anaemia, […]

‘Mini livers in a lab’ sounds like a scene from a childhood cartoon show. However, These imaginary ‘mini livers in a lab’ have been brought to life by a team of scientists from Pandorum, an Indian start up company based in Bangalore when they have successfully developed India’s first artificial human liver tissue in a […]