Cancer surgeon Dr P Jagannath has created an app called Vocalizer for Patients. Simply put, the app enables patients in ICU who may not be able to communicate vocally to make their needs known. The app incorporates visuals and voiceovers for about 60 different scenarios that arise in the ICU. The app is currently used […]

The Mohalla or Community Clinics that were launched in Delhi has seen a good degree of success. In these clinics where primary medical care is provided free of cost, some of the most needy of the society are finding relief. Now, the model is being planned to be replicated in Mumbai by the Aam Aadmi […]

Amidst all the hue and cry surrounding the L.H. Hinranandani Hospital kidney transplant issue, ironies loom large. Irony no:1- While five doctors of the hospital including the CEO, Dr. Sujit Chatterjee were behind bars, others more entwined in the issue-including the donor, donee and the medcial social worker were out on bail. Irony no:2- This […]

Two first year female resident doctors at the state run JJ Hospital in Mumbai have been diagnosed with TB in just the last two weeks, forcing hospital authorities to give them treatment that is expected to continue for atleast 6 months. Both doctors have been in or around the vicinity of the TB ward. One […]