With the novel coronavirus infection surging and vaccine a no-show, the panic-stricken people from various parts of the country are falling prey to quacks and occult practitioners. Cases of quacks milking the pandemic by peddling fake virus tests, mystery potions, and pills are on an alarming rise in the country. On one hand, we have a committed team of professional doctors and healthcare staff working day and night to ensure the well being of humanity and on the other hand, there are such fraudsters who are gambling with the lives of patients.

Recently, a fake doctor was in the headlines for fraudulently working as a surgeon for the past ten years in Uttar Pradesh. He has been arrested when he went to police to complain about getting an extortion call. Similarly, in Maharashtra, a 38-year-old man had been practising as a doctor without qualifications for fifteen years in […]

An estimated 2.5 million people in India have earned bits of medical knowledge by working as a doctor’s assistant or from a chemist or even a relative. These people prefer to be called doctors and treat patients-especially in rural areas where a real doctor is not to be found. They are among the ones who […]