The Supreme Court has recently held that a doctor or surgeon cannot assure that the outcome of any surgery would be beneficial. The decision was held in response to a case between Dr SK Jhunjhunwala vs Mrs Dhanwanti Kumar. The appellant, Dr Jhunjhunwala, a doctor by profession had been practising medicine in Calcutta since 1969. […]

Decoding some doctor’s handwriting is the most nerve-wracking task for the patients, their attendants or sometimes for other doctors. It is a fact that most of the general public couldn’t understand the prescriptions. What some doctors write on the prescriptions, either they or the pharmacists could apprehend it. A patient can understand nothing but some […]

Sariful Alam was on his way to college from home at Sylhet in Bangladesh when he met with an accident. He was a final year MBBS student when the fate played this game on him in 1995. Alam had multiple injuries in the accident with fractures of two major bones, including the right arm and […]

Image credits: Hindustan Times. Whenever we feel sick, we feel concerned about ourselves and goes to consult a doctor. But did anyone ever thought about how healthy our doctors are? Or what all kind of troubles do they face? Being a doctor is not as easy as it sounds. It takes years of hard work […]

The abortion petition for the 13 year old rape victim in Mumbai is expected to be filed this week. Many doctors have already voiced their opinion that more importance should be given to the victim’s life than the foetus, reports The Hindu. ‘Carrying baby to full term may be riskier for minor’ The recent case […]

Doctors now have a new sign to represent their profession. The symbol- just a minor variation of the previous red plus was chosen by the Indian Medical Association(IMA). The reason for the change is that the previous symbol is a patented sign for the International Committee of Red Cross(ICRC). Also, it’s protected under the Geneva […]

Dr Jack Preger has been working to serve the poor who live on the streets of Kolkata for decades. He is also someone who has fought child trafficking- something that has brought him a fair amount of suffering. For his selfless contribution, the 86 year old was awarded the ‘Philanthropist of the Year’ award at […]

Badrilal Meena of Rajasthan is someone who could well be called a human pin cushion. He is a 56 year old railway employee. But what’s baffling the doctors is the fact that he has 75 stationery pins embedded deep under the skin of his neck, legs, forearms. The curious fact is that no visible marks […]

A study conducted across India found that over 50% of Indian physicians have uncontrolled hypertension or high blood pressure even though they take hypertensive medicines, due to high stress levels. In India, hypertension is among the most common lifestyle disease. One in three Indian adults suffer from it. The study shows that it’s equally widespread […]

The Prime Minister’s push for a law which mandates doctors to prescribe medicines with generic names rather than brands hasn’t gone down well with a vast majority of doctors. A study which surveyed doctors across India shows that an overwhelming 73% oppose the decision. Their main concerns were regarding the quality of the drugs available. […]