A new biomedical device can now measure the “tissue stiffness” and predict the patient’s risk of diabetic foot complications. The device has been introduced at an innovation camp at IIT-Bombay. According to Nishant Kathpal, the 27-year-old innovator who won a Rs 50-lakh grant for his startup, this is possibly the first device that can measure […]

Finding out in a medical check-up that you are pre-diabetic, altering  diet to control blood sugar levels only to have it not yield any significant result, losing weight rapidly and blurring of vision…these are things that may lead to a diagnosis of type-2 diabetes. And more and more number of Indians are being diagnosed of […]

Senior doctors of Tamil Nadu has urged the state government to provide better access to preventive care, thereby helping to control the healthcare cost which can be exorbitant. The doctors opined that this would be a better alternative to using up all the funds for diagnosis and treatment. The doctors made the exhortation on the […]

Researchers of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Public Health Foundation of India and Emory University in the United States have come together to conduct a new trial across 10 clinical centers in India and Pakistan. The trial reveals that using only medicine to control the rising costs and poor quality of life from […]