1.Daily Rounds for Doctors (3,00,000+ downloads; rated 4.7 on Google Play Store) A one of a kind app for medical students, P.G aspirants and specialists in various fields. This resourceful tool with its user-friendly interface allows you to experience real life based clinical scenarios on your device. It challenges you with MCQ questions as you […]

The first-ever conference in India for the legalisation of Marijuana organised by Viki Vaurora, a 23-year-old musician and recording engineer, will be held in Bengaluru on May 10. With 200 people participating, the event will focus on the medicinal properties of the plant, Cannabis. According to the organiser, the event is exclusively organised for doctors, […]

• ACE inhibitors and ARBs have shown survival benefit in patients with chronic heart failure. • Sacubitril is a neprilysin inhibitor, which synergizes with RAS blockade by inhibiting breakdown of vasoactive peptides. • Sacubitril–Valsartan combination (LCZ696) has shown additional survival benefit when compared with ACE inhibitor enalapril alone. Sacubitril–Valsartan combination coded “LCZ696” successfully completed a […]