Healthcare workers have been trained to deal with whatever that comes through the hospital doors but the coronavirus pandemic is like nothing they have ever experienced. As the pandemic extends its fatality across borders, the warriors in white coats are doing their level best to combat the situation. However most of these frontline soldiers are facing burnouts, depression, PTSD, and other forms of psychological trauma.

The idea of a personal tragedy leading to something that’s to the advantage of the society isn’t limited to fiction. At least, that’s what the story of how Advanced Trauma Life Support(ATLS) came into being shows: The year 1976 turned out to be tragic for Dr.Jin Styner. In that year, the American orthopedic surgeon crashed […]

On Monday(June 13), Scott Pelly, the anchor of the American television show CBS Evening News spoke to six surgeons of the Orlando Regional Medical Center who saved lives on the fateful night when an assailant opened fire on an LGBT nightclub in Orlando. The death toll is 50 with many seriously injured. The surgeons’ accounts, […]