Healthcare workers have been trained to deal with whatever that comes through the hospital doors but the coronavirus pandemic is like nothing they have ever experienced. As the pandemic extends its fatality across borders, the warriors in white coats are doing their level best to combat the situation. However most of these frontline soldiers are facing burnouts, depression, PTSD, and other forms of psychological trauma.

The resident doctors across India have joined hands to start a unique campaign called – “I am overworked.” The move aims at demanding regulated working hours and standardised working and living conditions. It aims at highlighting the issues of unregulated duty hours, poor working and living conditions and an increasing number of depression and suicides […]

In a peculiar bit of irony, a study found that 50% of doctors have a high risk of cardiovascular diseases-that’s nearly double that of the general population. The multiple reasons for this high risk include the pressure to meet corporate targets. The study was conducted in a medical college hospital around Chennai, but owing to […]

The doctors in the Sadar hospital in Aurangabad are having a tough time, being forced to examine 300 to 400 patients every day at the OPD. This goes completely against the 40 patients a day norm. And the fact that the hospital recently got the ISO certification makes this ironic. Of the nine doctors in […]

It’s ironic that while hospitals have counselors for patients, the same provision is often lacking for the doctors. Stretching his limits to the utmost, serving more number of patients a day than could be considered sane, the Indian doctor works under extreme stress. And it’s showing. Emotionally exhausted, high on stress As Dr.Keerthi Pai, a […]