Even as the central govt. mulls drafting a law for safety of doctors and health professionals at the work place, violence against doctors in Indian hospitals continue. A recent incident One of the recent incidents took place in Karnataka, in the Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences(VIMS) to be precise. On Monday, doctors of the hospital-including […]

The national consumer disputes redressed commission has said that if a patient dies or sustains a permanent ailment despite due care being provided by a doctor, the doctor can’t be held guilty of medical negligence. The ruling came against an appeal made against a hospital in Chennai for medical negligence. The commission said that what […]

Claims of medical negligence are being made without justification across the nation. In this context, a recent ruling that an unsuccessful surgery is not negligence comes as a huge relief to doctors. It’s worth looking at the case that prompted such a ruling. Case Satender Kumar fractured his right leg from a fall at home […]

A recent report in the media mentions how the number of claims of medical negligence has gone alarmingly high in the country. In fact, a study conducted by advocate, Mahendra Kumar Bajpai- a leading authority on medical law shows that the number of such cases go up by 110% every year in India. As per […]

Neglecting injuries from needles while attending to patients exposes 73% of doctors to blood transmitted diseases, according to a recent study conducted by AIIMS, New Delhi. The study lists inexperienced doctors- those below 25 years of age in the high risk category. But resident doctors in Maharashtra said that there’s only minimal awareness about needle […]

At a discussion, the Indian Medical Association(IMA) held that in most of the cases in which actions were taken against doctors for neglect in duty, they have failed in proper documentation which becomes mandatory in case of eventualities. At the discussion the panel-comprised of experts from different fields including law, forensics and others highlighted a […]

Recently, two instances of cases being filed against doctors under IPC 336-a criminal act has happened in the subcontinent. Even though both the cases look like therapeutic misadventures the charges are of criminal act, which could result in the imprisonment of the doctors. The first reported misuse from 28 years ago The first reported misuse […]

Given below are the things that you should know in the event of a legal case. But these rights are more than just good-to-know given how there’s an alarming rise in such cases. 1)If an act is deemed negligence in civil law, it needn’t necessarily be so in criminal law 2)An act is criminal negligence […]

An aspect of a court case that could be relevant to doctors was reported recently in the newspaper, The Times of India. For the case shows that documentary evidence would suffice to establish medical negligence. The case in question relates to one Geeta Khalho who, being pregnant was admitted in the Arogya Niketan Prasuti Grih […]

A non-government organization has urged the central as well as Assam governments to have all hospital departments and procedures under CCTV surveillance. The call was made by Anamika Ray Trust of Assam. It sought for the keeping of surgery/medical procedure record by medical institutions for a minimum of 100 days. A statement issued by the […]