The recent spread of the novel coronavirus has created panic at a global level. With the number of cases worldwide of the Covid-19 surpassing 180,000, with more than 7000 deaths, the governments across the globe still struggle to contain the pandemic.  The researchers across the world are in a continuous effort to discover a vaccine […]

The treatment for epilepsy has so far been limited to the handful of drugs available in the market to control seizures. But doctors in India have now devised a new diagnostic approach- involving a high end surgery, a dietary therapy and a nerve-stimulating battery that not just brings down or prevent seizures but also cure […]

Tuberculosis patients of the country who seek help from private sector face a delay in getting diagnosed correctly-the delay could be as long as two months. And that is if the diagnosis happens at all. This sobering reality was brought out by systematic reviews of Indian studies. The reasons of delay need to be tackled […]