The Delhi government has put together the Delhi Health Corporation (DHC) to take care of all non-clinical works. Thus ensuring doctors and paramedical staff are deployed ‘only’ in healthcare services related to patient care. Delhi’s Health Minister Stayendar Kumar Jain stated, “Several doctors are working on non-clinical assignments for which the core work of the […]

Tamil Nadu’s state medical council has instructed doctors to withdraw all forms of online advertisements before June 1 or face disciplinary action including suspension. Details include display of names, addresses, degrees, photos and telephone numbers. The state medical council has directed doctors to withdraw all online advertisements, including those that display their names, address, degrees, […]

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In a historical judgement,the Supreme Court of India has appointed a three member comittee headed by Former Chief Justice of India RM Lodha to oversee the functioning of the Medical Council of India (MCI). The MCI is the chief regulator of the medical profession and education in India. Other members of this committee apart from […]

For last one year we are on a mission to build the most powerful clinical case network for Doctors. Till date 200,000+ Doctors and medical students have used our app. 10,000+ cases have been shared. The next step in our mission is to build the worlds most powerful evidence based reference tool. Think about all […]

The UK can be rightfully thought of as the paragon of an effective primary care system ( this is not to play down their other challenges, say with cancer care). Primary care practitioners (i.e. GPs) hold a dependable niche in people’s minds, a respectable chair in the functioning of their healthcare system, and offer an […]

Last time we met we were all praises about the bolstering of fruitful general practice. We eulogised a healthcare system that runs with the GP as it’s spine and recognised the role it has to play in maintaining an economically and holistically slick healthcare system. I’ve always indulged in the habit of pertinent quoting at […]