No doctor can be arrested directly for medical negligence under the Bihar Medical Institution and Protection Rules 2018. The state cabinet has approved the rules of Bihar Medical Institution and Person protection act 2011. As per the Indian Medical Association (IMA), this will boost the doctors’ security and protect healthcare facilities. Doctors could previously be […]

A doctor from Maharastra has been absolved by the Supreme Court of a medical negligence charge 20 years after it was made. The incident that spurred the accusation was a road accident in which a victim succumbed to injuries at the hospital. The Supreme Court relied on its earlier verdict, saying that for cases in […]

Dismissing a complaint from a deceased patient’s widow, the National Commission observed that a physician is free to choose whom to serve except in case of an Emergency. The Commission also mentioned that it’s in the interest of both doctors and patients that such cases aren’t unnecessarily dragged to the Court. The compliant based on […]