Dominic D’Souza of Goa is considered as ‘patient zero’ of HIV in India. The first of the patients to face societal vileness reserved for those with the disease, his was a case that would change HIV treatment in India for good. No love on Valentine’s Day In 1989, Dominic was 29 years old. It was […]

It’s estimated that India has more than 8,50,000 private pharmacies/chemists. However, just 9% of them have been engaged in efforts for controlling tuberculosis, according to a Jan 2017 paper in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Practice and Policy. The paper reviewed public-private mix interventions to fight TB and also analysed global level documents from the WHO […]

Four month old Vidisha is dubbed the “miracle baby” in the Mumbai hospital where she has spent the last two months of her life. The baby was born with a major heart defect that required a 12 hour surgery. Not just that, after the surgery she suffered an overwhelming six heart attacks. Vidisha was born […]

Countries in South Asia including India are “vulnerable” to infectious ailments like Ebola and Zika, says a new analysis. The preparedness levels of these countries to protect public health isn’t enough either, it says. An uneven health system capacity and inadequate surveillance could speed up the spread of such diseases in regions that are already […]

Charlotte Ellaby reached Bombay in November 1884. She came down to the subcontinent from England to work as a Junior Medical Officer. She came to join Edith Pechey- one of the first women doctors in Britain. Pechey led a campaign to finance the medical education of the Indian, Rakhmabai. Rakhmabai went on to become the […]

A very rare surgery was successfully performed by doctors in Hyderabad to remove a shoulder tumour. The surgery, in fact was performed six months back on 46 year old Padma. But now, she has achieved 160 degrees shoulder rotation- the highest that’s possible with such surgeries, as per the doctors. Doctors performed the advanced reverse […]

A new genetic disease has been discovered by Indian doctors. The disease, called “Multiple mitochondrial dysfuntion syndrome” was discovered by doctors at the Department of medical genetics, Kasturba Medical College in Manipal. The new genetic disease has been found in four children from two different and unrelated families in Manipal. It was found that the […]

Doctors say that they don’t believe that the girl who was found in the Motipur range of katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh was raised by monkeys. This was reported by the British newspaper, The Guardian on Saturday. Sanctuary officials expressed suspicion that the girl was abandoned there by her relatives. This is contrary to […]

The fact that there’s an imminent launch of the first new male contraceptive in over a century ought to bea big news. And it would be even bigger when it’s learnt that the contraceptive comes from a small Indian university startup than a big company. Unfortunately, now there’s a glitch to this story- big pharma […]

A 14 month old Iraqi child who had disfigured face successfully underwent a high-risk skull reconstruction surgery in a hospital in Delhi. It’s said that the kid is recuperating well. The surgery has once again revealed Indian medical fraternity’s prowess in the global medical field. The boy had to spend his first year with a […]