With the number of coronavirus cases steadily rising even after the lock-down period, the healthcare infrastructure of the country has started to creak as major cities run out of resources. Ever since the arrival of the pandemic, India has been hearing the word ‘shortage’ from time to time. As the initial days witnessed a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), today, the nation is facing a significant shortage of doctors, healthcare workers, hospital beds, and other medical equipment.

A host of leading doctors from across India came together in Mumbai last month for a three-day meet where they proposed solutions to the high cost of medical care which is prohibitively high for the majority of Indians. High volume and low cost One major concern that the doctors expressed was over the increasingly commercial […]

A recession is a hammer that strikes at the wrong place at the wrong time. Always. And the global economy is still reeling under the effect of the last one. Bleak pictures painted with figures and charts come out for all sectors around the world. And healthcare- even though crucial, is not exempt from this. […]