The government has ordered the state drug controllers not to allow companies to sell the drug formulations in which the composition has been changed while retaining the old name. This order may affect several widely selling old household brands of medicine. According to the official sources, the Drugs Controller General directed state regulatory authorities on […]

The fresh guideline issued by MCI urging doctors to prescribe generic instead of branded medicines hasn’t found many takers. For instance, at PGIMER where the notification was endorsed by the administration two months back, the doctors continue to prescribe branded drugs. The notice issued by the MCI in September reads thus: “Every physician should prescribe […]

It’s ironic that while hospitals have counselors for patients, the same provision is often lacking for the doctors. Stretching his limits to the utmost, serving more number of patients a day than could be considered sane, the Indian doctor works under extreme stress. And it’s showing. Emotionally exhausted, high on stress As Dr.Keerthi Pai, a […]