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pt suffering from swelling which is mobile smooth in touch painless since birth what would be Dx & Rx ?

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A 55 years female having this small nodule at the edge of foot since 10 days...describe your treatment..thank u. ...

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May I respectfulky ask why so many antibiotics & antimotiity agents [BOTH CONTRAINDICATED if this is ENTEROHEMORRHAGIC E. COLI related] --- ie EHEC 0157:H7 Shiga toxin producing; less frequently being related to Shigella dysenteriae type1 or Salmonella infections. We know that in STEC:E Coli infections, that both ANTIMOTILITY & antimicrobial agents can increase by factor of 25% the evolution of HUS[Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome] --- which is most common reason for ARF in children. Unless you have a presumed BACTERIOLOGIC DX, would withdraw antibiotics, & send stool WBC & for C Difficile antigen x 3. Monitor electrolytes, RFTs, CBC & hydrate appropriately.
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45 year male presented with ulcers in inguinal. region since 15 days.. initially there was swelling which burst leading to ulcer..o/e renderness + , pus +, enlarged lymph node on another side also..

this is the follow up post of massive splenomegaly I had posted few days ago. these are the new reports.. and we are in suspicion of myelofibrosis.. bone marrow smear awaited

A very rare congenital disorder found in our hospital..

25 years old lady with 1 month antenatal present with fever ,loc,headache and fits..planter both up going ,pupil mild dilated to light,