20 yr old male c/o cough with scanty sputum fever,generalised weakness since 1 month.



10 year male child presented with pain and swelling over middle phalanx of little finger of one day duration no history of trauma patient presently afebrile local examination -no warmth tenderness present

55 years old male, no DM, no HTN, refered from GPs with Acute ant Wall MI, didn't thrombolysed outside , only given aspirine, suddent collapsed and Unconscious while reached at our hospital, Revived with 45 mins of CPR, 3

chronic pain in neck pls diagnose and advice for further tests


c/o low back pain since 14 days, gradually progressive.k/c/o dm 2 from 1yr.

Verified response Constitutional lumbar hyperlordosis L5-S1. Dysontogenetic disorder: asymmetry of fusion of S1 —- leading to dysplastic scoliosis of the 2nd degree. Lumbar intervertebral osteochondrosis: subchondral sclerosis of sites of Th12-S1 bodies, "latent" instability in segment L2-L3. Spondylarthrosis and spondylosis within the vizualization. Combined dysthophytic changes, including intervertebral osteochondrosis with indirect features of posterior protrusions of L1-L2 L2-L3 L3-L4 L4-L5 disks and posterior disc herniation L5-S1. Bone-destructive changes by method of classical radiography were not found.
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A 20 yr old male have this type blister lesion on lower lips.No pain,no known history of trauma.Dx and Mx plz..

Verified response It seems to be MUCOCELE ,most common site is the lower lip.It is a retention cyst of a minor salivary glands of lip.Lesion appears as soft and cystic mass.TREATMENT IS SURGICAL EXCISION........... ..................................................
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