A 38yrs old male pt suffering with fever since 10days later on 3rd day presented with hematuria and melena and altered sensorium with platelet count 25k for which multiple PRP transfusion done initially on 3rd day pt had

A CASE OF CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE GRADE 1 : MANAGED IN E.R TODAY (By Dr.Farrah) This patient is 38 YO. His symptoms started with frontal constant headaches, projectile watery vomiting ,urinary hesitancy and sudden rise in

24 years old female 2nd time pregnancy,know hyperthyroidism ,no H/o bp no history of other complaints,please give suggestion for surgery



interpretation of this ECG


PT came.with breathless Ness no chest pain air entry decrease on lt side what's diagnosis nd what's treatment..

Verified response left sided pleural effusion, there is no pain because the inflammatory phase has passed and now fluid has accumulated in pleural cavity.
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Verified response Angular cheiliis : single or multiple fissures at the corners of the mouth, which may be unilateral or bilateral and may spread to the lips and cheeks. It may be due to a primary or superimposed infection, such as with Candida albicans, staphylococci, or streptococci; poor hygiene; drooling of saliva; overclosure of the jaws in edentulous patients or those with ill-fitting dentures; ariboflavinosis; or other causes. Called also angular cheilitis, cheilosis, or stomatitis, migrating cheilitis, and intertrigo labialis. Mx: V.B supplement (mainly riboflavin). ttt superimposed infections if present.
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Verified response Punctate leukonychia, common and should grow out with the nail bed. Types of injury causing punctate leukonychia include nail biting, manicuring, knocks and bangs, and tight footwear
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